70 years ago the women of Trinity fought to organize a one-day event to raise funds for community mission:

… Vestry auctioneers called out as oil portraits went on the block. Antique furniture, silver trays, watercolors, wedding dresses, sable neck pieces – all went up for the sake of mission.

“A bazaar?”, the clergy wailed. “This is a church, not a marketplace!”  “Sir”, the ladies shook their fingers at the rector, “we will be here longer than you!”

And so, in 1948, the first bazaar of Trinity Episcopal Church was born.

(From Bazaar History by Patsy Green)


Since 1948, the women of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral have hosted a quintessential community Bazaar to raise funds to donate for community good.

The Bazaar is a one-day mash-up of homemade baked goods, pickles, preserves & frozen foods, of hand-crafted needlework, decor, and gift baskets, of fresh plants, donated home furnishings & clothing, a children’s carnival, music and lunch …. yes lunch!

This year’s bazaar, our 70th Anniversary, takes place Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018.

That makes it a great place to stock up on Halloween treats, Thanksgiving eats, and Christmas fare for table, stockings, and under the tree. Not to mention, it’s loads of fun!

Why hold a Bazaar?

Hosted by Trinity Episcopal Cathedral’s Daughters of the Holy Cross (the women of Trinity), the Bazaar raises funds to return to the city in the form of grants for organizations that serve those in need. 100% of the funds raised go to (501-3c) nonprofit organizations in Columbia.

Learn more about the Grants and the organizations that have received them here.

2018 Grant recipients will be
announced on May 21.


What is Trinity Episcopal Cathedral? A vibrant place to experience God, be transformed, and share wonderful friendships.

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is the first and oldest surviving Episcopal sanctuary in Columbia, South Carolina. This Gothic Revival church, modeled after York Minister in York, England, is located directly east of the South Carolina State House. 

Trinity invites all to celebrate a joyful relationship with God, share friendship with one another, and make Jesus Christ known in the world.

Trinity is a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Upper S.C. led by the bishop of Upper South Carolina,  The Rt. Rev. W. Andrew Waldo. The Episcopal Diocese of Upper S.C. and the office of the Bishop are located on the campus of Trinity Cathedral.