Donations, Memorials, Honorariums

shttefan-284259-unsplash.jpgWe are happy to accept financial donations, and also donations of goods and services.

Virtually all funds raised by the Bazaar in any form are returned to those in need in Columbia through Trinity Bazaar Grants. Learn more about those here.

Donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your donation that can be used for tax purposes.


We accept financial donations and donations made in honor or memory of a loved one. Please use the form at the bottom of this page. Find paper donation forms at the Trinity Cathedral Welcome Center or by emailing us at


We accept donations of goods and services to offer for sale at the Bazaar, the Bazaar Silent Auction, and for items or services that contribute to our ability to operate and promote the Bazaar. We accept donations of these items from retailers, wholesalers, and from individuals. For example:

  • For Auction: new goods, services, lessons, activities, and events. For example: music lessons, art lessons, sports training and events, tickets to entertainment events, art and home decor, spa services, vacation packages, fitness sessions and memberships, adventure packages, party events, musical entertainment (a house concert), golf greens fees … we are open to fresh ideas!
  • Unique: hand-crafted items such as jewelry, pottery, home decor, kitchen goods, pet toys, gardening items, hand-crafted linens, clothing and other needlework.
  • New: adult and children’s clothing (tags on), cats and hats, furniture, home and garden decor, musical instruments, crafting items, gift items, plants, soil, gardening tools and decor, seedlings, cuttings, young and mature plants. (Please hold live plant donations until the final weeks before the Bazaar)
  • Gently-Used: adult clothing, furniture, home and garden decor, musical instruments, crafting and gift items, CDs and DVDs. (We will forward donations of gently-used children’s clothing, lingerie, and swimwear to the Salvation Army’s clothing sales and recycling programs.)
  • Food Donations: from known Columbia area food vendors and from Trinity Cathedral members who are participating in the Trinity food booths. Please contact us for more information.
  • Supplies and Services: that may be used by food or crafting booths or for the Bazaar at large. For example: canning jars, fabric, thread, fabric glue, paint, canvas and brushes, crafting supplies, pots, etc. AND advertising, signage, storage, branded items that can be personalized for the Trinity Bazaar, decorative items such as burlap, sheeting, media and design services.

We do not accept some donations:

  • Appliances, used mattresses and pillows, car batteries, weapons, mini and wooden blinds, used caps and hats, car seats, cell phones, cribs, items with logos or dates, luggage over 10 years old, medical equipment, rusted or damaged pots and pans, televisions that are big box, antennae only or black and white. (Used lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, and children’s play clothing donated to us will be directly donated to the Salvation Army’s clothing sales and recycling programs.)
  • Books. Please donate books directly to the library of your choice.
  • Non-working electronics. We ask that non-working electronics be donated directly to Goodwill, which uses these items in job training programs. Please wipe all electronics of personally sensitive information before donating.

Do you have something to donate?

Drop-off events for donations will be held
at Trinity Cathedral’s Trinity Center on the following dates:

Saturday, June 2  9:00 am – 12:00 noon
Sunday, July 15  1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Saturday, August 18   9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Businesses: Please contact us at to arrange for receipt of your donation. We are happy to recognize your donation on our website, communications, and signage and will ask for a digital copy of your logo to use for that purpose.

Large Items: We can arrange for pick-up of exceedingly large or heavy donations during the week of the Bazaar and, in certain instances, prior to that. Please contact us at to arrange a pickup or to discuss extenuating circumstances.

Please make your financial Donation, Honoraria, or Memorial here: