Silent Auction

The Auction is ON!

Bidding for the Bazaar Silent Auction is up and running. That’s right! Thanks to Qtego, you can participate in the auction now, from home, whether you attend the Friday Party or not!

Register for the auction today and you will see pictures of and details about the sale items. Use your account to place bids online! (Must have a permanent address in a midlands zip code to participate.)

Register any of the following ways:

  • Use this link
  • text “Trinity” to 79230
  • Enjoy the help of a volunteer at the Kickoff Party/Silent Auction (you are coming, aren’t you?!)

Once registered, you’ll see one of these pages. Click the “Silent Auction” button to see items for sale. Click the “Instabuy” button to see events (parties) for sale.  PLEASE NOTE: PARTIES ARE LISTED UNDER “INSTABUY”, not under “Auction Items”.

Computer View:Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 6.35.43 PM.png
Cell Phone View:IMG_5723.jpg

Interesting fun fact: in 1948, the first Bazaar took place … it was dinner and a live Auction!

Hope you’ll help us carry on the tradition 70 years later. Register online, bid on line, and don’t miss a thing! The auction is live now and runs until 8:30pm Friday night.

A special thanks to our sponsors and donors! Many are shown on this page. All are listed on the Silent Auction sight to be seen once you sign up!