• Provisions:  Baked Goods, Frozen Foods, and Pickles, Relishes & Preserves 
  • Crafts:  Handmade, Needlework, Crafted Home, Gift Baskets, and Gardening
  • Re-vivals: Fine Threads, Thrifty Threads, Fab Furniture, Musical Instruments, and Trinkets & Treasures

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Baked, pickled, preserved and frozen foods
Featuring recipes from classic to nouveau, ultra-nutritious to ultra-luscious.

Baked Goods: All home-made so you don’t have to! Find tasty biscuits, pies, cookies, breads, and pastries ready to eat now, save for tomorrow’s lunch, or stick in the freezer for the holidays!

Frozen Foods:  Homemade dishes go from freezer – to oven – to table. Think lasagna, quiche, mac and cheese, soup, and more. Some favorite recipes have been brought back from vintage Trinity Cookbooks.

Pickle Pantry (Pickles, Jellies, Jams, & Relish): Gustatory accompaniments for your toast and turkey. Our famous Artichoke Relish sells out fast! As do the Strawberry Preserves, and the Sweet Pickles, and the Spicy Grape Compote …. Those in the know get there early!


Crafted, potted, sewn, and grown items
to add a touch of unique to your home, wardrobe, garden and gift list.

Crafted Home: Accessories to help you craft a beautiful home from designer donated home accessories, to personally crafted home decor. Always a surprise, this booth’s donations don’t disappoint.

Gardening: Plants, bulbs, trees & bushes for inside and out (last year we had Papyrus and Swamp Sunflowers!). Soil, pots, and tools for those who like to play in the dirt. Affordable decorative containers for taking the plant fun inside.

Gift Baskets:  Gift mixology! A fun combination of gifts in beautiful and surprising containers. Think homemade bread, jam and a silver knife for your mom’s birthday. Or, sidewalk chalk, stickers, and a book for a young one. How about a trowel, gloves, seed packs & zone map for your favorite gardener?

Needlework: Knitted, crocheted, and needle-worked clothes and home accessories. Scarves and hats for all! Don’t miss the Trinity Cross Ornaments – a limited number of ornaments inspired by various crosses in Trinity’s cathedral and chapels. Looking for a pet surprise? How about the doggy treat-a-day advent calendar! And, don’t miss the beautiful hand-sewn garment bag for that special dress.


Gently used, sometimes re-crafted and revitalized
items to tickle your imagination without tickling your pocketbook.


  • Fine Threads: Spiffy new looks from some of Columbia’s chicest boutiques. Find  tags-still-on and hardly-worn donated designer items for adults and children.
  • Thrifty Threads: Gently loved, nicely priced clothing for dressy, work and casual occasions, for school or play, for adults, teens, children, and toddlers.

Home Furnishings

  • Fab Furniture:  Looking for a new home! Beds, dressers, chairs, mirrors, rugs, sofas and more. We hear seasoned oriental rugs, mid-century tables, antique headboards, and a few sets of dining chairs have been known to stop over here.
  • Trinkets & Treasures: Eclectic find-a-rama – a huge fiesta bowl nestled next to a full set of almost new silver plate serving ware, baskets of jewelry tucked in with Christmas lights for tree, mantle, & front porch, etc. etc. etc…..

Musical Instruments: A collection of gently used musical instruments. Great options for travel gear, a new student, and expanding a collection.

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